Monday, April 13, 2009

Pocket Notary Record Book

If you go "mobile" with your notary business you really need to take a look at these. They are perfectly acceptable for Texas notaries to use as a supplemental journal. With a small pocket sized notary seal and one of these little pocket journals I can notarize anywhere, anytime without warning. They are so small I keep them in my purse so I am ready at all times to notarize.

From the American Association of Notaries which sells this little Pocket Notary Record Book, the descriptions is as follows: "Accommodates 30 entries. Can be easily carried in pocket or purse. Meets legal requirements for Texas Notaries. Can be used as a primary or supplementary record book. Includes complete instructions."

Click on the image or this link to see where you can order the pocket-sized journal.

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