Monday, April 20, 2009

The Notary’s Dog 1999-2009

She came to me a ten week old wormy, mangy, stinking ball.. She had one eye which was good but the other was blind and infected due to abuse. Her legs were short and her belly nearly dragged the ground.

I didn’t want her, actually, but I had just lost my husband and I needed a dog in the worst way. This one was special. And fate put her into my lap. She was a gift from God.

She was housebroken almost immediately. She did everything she could to understand what I wanted of her. After the passing of a couple of months and spending around $500 on her injuries Ally was finally clear of parasites; her mange finally healed, the infection in her eye went away and she became a brilliant, loving, grateful dog. The two of us could speak to each other with our eyes. She's the only dog I have ever experienced that with.

When I started the notary business, so did she. She announced the comings and goings of clients and delivery men. She rode on short trips to drop off packages. Sometimes she went on late night appointments with me and waited patiently in the car while I completed a task. While the car was moving she loved to stick her head out the window and feel the air rushing across her face. Often I drove down city streets slowly early in the mornings to get her a treat from McDonald's or Whataburger before there was traffic just to please her; she'd stick her head out the window and take everything in with her one good eye. I used to say that she got more good out of that one eye than most dogs did with two good ones.

She developed storm anxiety in 2006. For nearly three years I have fought it with pills, crates and the like. Nothing worked. On Friday, there was a storm and she was beyond containing. I had her put to sleep. I did not drop her off at the vet’s office. I took her in, held her close and they gave her morphine and valium to relax her. When she was sound asleep they gave her the fatal shot. She died in my arms at 3:47 pm, April 17, 2009.

Some may argue that I could have given her away or gotten a much more expensive stainless steel cage for her but what where would that leave her? Another home might lose patience with her and beat her or take her to be euthanized without loving her.. Another cage would only keep her contained while she lost control of her mind during storm and fear overtook her bodily functions. It happened once and she was humiliated that she had to be found after soiling her crate.

No. She was my baby girl and my best friend. She deserved to die with dignity and with my love surrounding her and with her head on my shoulder.

I mourned her passing all weekend. Turned down two notary assignments as a result…and I am okay with that. Finally on Sunday I was able to pull it together again.

Rest in peace little girl.

Ally Stone:
The Notary’s Dog 1999-2009

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