Sunday, May 31, 2009

Video Alert, New Signing Agents, Don't Fall for This

When you are called for a job and you quote your reasonable fee you may get unnecessary push back from the caller to get you to lower your fee. If you have had reasonable fees rejected you'll understand exactly what I mean. Have you hear one of these when receiving calls?

We are not authorized to pay that much.
(What they are authorized to pay has nothing with the fee you charge.)

Can't you help us out with this one and do it for less?
(If you wanted to give away a portion of your fee/money, don't you usually give it to your church, or the United Way or other charitable organization?)

If you'll take less we can use you.
("Use" seems to be the operative word here.)

Watch this video graciously shared with notaries at by Marian Harmon, a Calfornia notary who also does virtual assistant work. You'll see how ridiculous these ploys played by low paying signing services truly are. It puts it all in perspective.

My Notary Twitter Life

I Twitter. I don't "tweet" every single move I make. I tweet only once or twice per day at the most, and weekly at the minimum.

How I decide who to follow--
I want to keep my Twittering relative to other notaries and publishing efforts similar to mine, therefore...
...I follow all notaries, even if they do not follow me;
...I do not follow all notary associations or signing agencies, but I do some of them;
...I do not follow everyone who follows me;
...I follow some writers;
...I follow some marketers;
...I will follow other Twitters which improve my content and help me to network.

What do I twitter?
I twitter when I have a new article up on my blog; or...
...when I have something worthwhile for notaries to say, or...
...if there is something newsworthy, or...
...about notary sites I like.

Twitter Dislikes
Hey, everyone can have an opinion, right?
I don't like tweets which are meaningless, but I tolerate them if they are somewhat notary related. Some Twitterers tweet just to be tweeting...maybe that's the point of's just not my favorite thing.

If you are a notary and you Twitter about your notary world, follow me and I'll do likewise for you!

Are you a new notary? Or new signing agent?

If so, I am writing articles for you these days through the monthly email and quarterly print newsletter of the American Association of Notaries.

Join the AAN in order to receive the print newsletter, Notary Digest. The cost is an amazingly low price of $19.00 per year. There is no better value. This price includes being a part of a notary database which covers the nation. For a view, please take a look here:
as well as a subscription to the association's quarterly newsletter, Notary Digest.

Still not convinced? Sign up for the free monthly e-newsletter and see what you think. This month's issue will be published on Monday, June 1. To receive your copy via email, go here:

This month's email newsletter articles will include:
  1. Notarizing a Document With Two Different Types of Certificates. This article explains how to handle a document with both a jurat and acknowledgment.
  2. Experts Tips for a Beginning Signing Agent. This article includes tips for synthesizing experience with loan documents before taking your first appointment. (It will also include a way for a new notary signing agent to get their hands on a stack of documents right away.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Notary, Charles Peavey's Daughter Sings "Una Donna a Qundici Anni"

Tatiana Peavey sings Mozart's "Una Donna a quindici anni" from the opera "Cosi fan tutti".

Charles Peavey, California notary and the proud father of this brunette beauty (who definitely sings like an angel), shares this with our notary world.

So, take a break from neatening up your journals, parsing through notary law, and your jurat discussions to join us in a cultured moment. If you like what Tatiana has to offer, please pass it on. Here's here link if you want to copy it into an email:

How inspiring, Charles. This is amazing talent. I wish her godspeed in her endeavors!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notary Course - Refreshing My Knowledge

This morning I started taking a Texas Notary Self-Study Course. No matter how long you have been a notary it is good to refresh your knowledge from time to time. Laws do change and memories do fade.

The course I am taking is $25.00 and is online through the American Association of Notaries online training website. In order to reach a course for your state go to their website. You will see a link for online training. Currently, the online training is only for Texas notaries.

Each page of the test will give you time to read and absorb what you have seen before you move on. At the end of every chapter is a set of questions. A great compliment to the test is my Texas Notary Self-Study Course. You can order it through the American Association of Notaries website, as well.

Who besides me should take this course?
-Experienced Texas notaries who want to be notary signing agents. (Being a signing agent requires that you become extremely proficient in performing notary duties while dealing with a lot of distractions and outside input.)
-Notaries and notary signing agents who have held their commission for a long time. (Even if you don't have to take a test to get your commission every four years it is good to refresh your memory and to assure you are remaining current with any changes to the law.)
-People who have recently decided to be notaries. (Some states require little self-study. It is up to the notary to make sure they are confident in their laws.)