Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are you a new notary? Or new signing agent?

If so, I am writing articles for you these days through the monthly email and quarterly print newsletter of the American Association of Notaries.

Join the AAN in order to receive the print newsletter, Notary Digest. The cost is an amazingly low price of $19.00 per year. There is no better value. This price includes being a part of a notary database which covers the nation. For a view, please take a look here:
as well as a subscription to the association's quarterly newsletter, Notary Digest.

Still not convinced? Sign up for the free monthly e-newsletter and see what you think. This month's issue will be published on Monday, June 1. To receive your copy via email, go here:

This month's email newsletter articles will include:
  1. Notarizing a Document With Two Different Types of Certificates. This article explains how to handle a document with both a jurat and acknowledgment.
  2. Experts Tips for a Beginning Signing Agent. This article includes tips for synthesizing experience with loan documents before taking your first appointment. (It will also include a way for a new notary signing agent to get their hands on a stack of documents right away.)

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