Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notary Course - Refreshing My Knowledge

This morning I started taking a Texas Notary Self-Study Course. No matter how long you have been a notary it is good to refresh your knowledge from time to time. Laws do change and memories do fade.

The course I am taking is $25.00 and is online through the American Association of Notaries online training website. In order to reach a course for your state go to their website. You will see a link for online training. Currently, the online training is only for Texas notaries.

Each page of the test will give you time to read and absorb what you have seen before you move on. At the end of every chapter is a set of questions. A great compliment to the test is my Texas Notary Self-Study Course. You can order it through the American Association of Notaries website, as well.

Who besides me should take this course?
-Experienced Texas notaries who want to be notary signing agents. (Being a signing agent requires that you become extremely proficient in performing notary duties while dealing with a lot of distractions and outside input.)
-Notaries and notary signing agents who have held their commission for a long time. (Even if you don't have to take a test to get your commission every four years it is good to refresh your memory and to assure you are remaining current with any changes to the law.)
-People who have recently decided to be notaries. (Some states require little self-study. It is up to the notary to make sure they are confident in their laws.)

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