Sunday, May 31, 2009

Video Alert, New Signing Agents, Don't Fall for This

When you are called for a job and you quote your reasonable fee you may get unnecessary push back from the caller to get you to lower your fee. If you have had reasonable fees rejected you'll understand exactly what I mean. Have you hear one of these when receiving calls?

We are not authorized to pay that much.
(What they are authorized to pay has nothing with the fee you charge.)

Can't you help us out with this one and do it for less?
(If you wanted to give away a portion of your fee/money, don't you usually give it to your church, or the United Way or other charitable organization?)

If you'll take less we can use you.
("Use" seems to be the operative word here.)

Watch this video graciously shared with notaries at by Marian Harmon, a Calfornia notary who also does virtual assistant work. You'll see how ridiculous these ploys played by low paying signing services truly are. It puts it all in perspective.

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