Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Notary Twitter Life

I Twitter. I don't "tweet" every single move I make. I tweet only once or twice per day at the most, and weekly at the minimum.

How I decide who to follow--
I want to keep my Twittering relative to other notaries and publishing efforts similar to mine, therefore...
...I follow all notaries, even if they do not follow me;
...I do not follow all notary associations or signing agencies, but I do some of them;
...I do not follow everyone who follows me;
...I follow some writers;
...I follow some marketers;
...I will follow other Twitters which improve my content and help me to network.

What do I twitter?
I twitter when I have a new article up on my blog; or...
...when I have something worthwhile for notaries to say, or...
...if there is something newsworthy, or...
...about notary sites I like.

Twitter Dislikes
Hey, everyone can have an opinion, right?
I don't like tweets which are meaningless, but I tolerate them if they are somewhat notary related. Some Twitterers tweet just to be tweeting...maybe that's the point of's just not my favorite thing.

If you are a notary and you Twitter about your notary world, follow me and I'll do likewise for you!

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