Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet OpenOffice.org!

As a business owner you will find yourself needing more capabilities from your personal computer. Novice mobile notary business owners have enough expenses without having to purchase expensive software. If you have ample word processing and spreadsheet software on your computer, you are all set to start creating marketing materials, doing simple bookkeeping and setting up forms you will need such as invoices.

However, if your software is not powerful enough please make the acquaintance of one of the best kept FREE secrets on the World Wide Web. You can have all the software you need to start your business simply by downloading OpenOffice!

OpenOffice is free open source software which will provide everything you need to properly begin or support your business. If you do not have software on your computer which provides spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, and database functions then I highly recommend that you download and learn to use OpenOffice as part of getting prepared for when your business takes off. You can obtain OpenOffice from this link: http://www.openoffice.org.

OpenOffice will replace any need you have for the pricey Microsoft Office. You may even find that you prefer OpenOffice over Microsoft Office, especially if you are a fan of Microsoft Office 2003 and are now stuck with the newer version of Microsoft Office 2007. If this sounds like you, you will be glad to know that OpenOffice functions more like Microsoft Office 2003 than Microsoft Office 2007 does. OpenOffice is 100% free, easy to install and it is available for download day or night.

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