Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Topics from Alex's Blog

Every couple of weeks I flip over to Alex's blog just to see what he has on his radar.  At least once a year I share it with NR.

For instance, today I caught up on
-BBB Top Scams
-Housing Crisis End?
-5 Steps for Improving Your Online Social Media Reputation

Having a blog like Alex's will help build content for a notary's website.  Content makes Google love a site.  It also reports blurbs on the topics that we are interested in.  I think of it like the Kiplinger Letter for notaries...except without the pricey membership subscription fee.

His blog is a perfect example of what a notary's blog should be. I am so jealous if it.  I have never been able to be that consistent with a blog and I will never be the writer that he is.


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  2. If I have used a public notary in Coquitlam are there any legal issues if it I am moving permanently to the US? Do we recognize the same standards in notary services?