Monday, June 28, 2010

Alex's Notary Resources - Bookmark it, Danno.

My mentor in blogging, Alex Yvonnou, has yet again hit the bull’s eye with his notary’s resource page.

You won't believe all the great links you will find there.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, Alex. A future blog entry will be The Texas Notary Publisher's List of Notary Resources.

And, the list will probably begin like this:

1) Alex's List of Notary Resources, plus...

2) Free monthly notary newsletters - American Association of Notaries

3) Notary Locator - AAN's Directory

4) Find your Notary Public Administrator's Contact Information -

For the linking impaired-- The links used in this entry follow.


  1. I've mentioned your wonderful newsletter on the blog, but I do need to add a link on the resource page as well. It will be done TODAY.

  2. Thanks, Alex. I'm sorry to just now be getting to moderating comments! I thought they would be mailed to me. Hmmm...must tweak!